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 Origin Story Musical Improv 

Origin Story Musical Improv Comedy Show Poster with superhero holding up title over city as crying woman watches.

As an actor and performer, I'm always trying to think of fun new ways to introduce my ideas to the world.  I recently pitched my idea for a musical improv show called "Origin Story" to a few theaters around Los Angeles and have successfully received my first performance time slot!  I'll be assembling a team of Los Angeles' best musical improvers and comedians to bring you ORIGIN STORY!

You’ve heard of Peter Parker? Does Iron Man Tony Stark ring a bell? Well, this show isn’t about them. This is an improvised musical about the little guy (or gal) who doesn’t get the credit or the fame - the Origin Story of your favorite supporting character.

Johny Walsh and a rotating cast of LA’s most talented musical improvisers put together a completely improvised musical about one of the supporting characters from your favorite Film/TV show/Media. We’ll ask the audience for a suggestion of a supporting role, a couple of follow-up questions, and then we’ll improvise, sing, and rap our way through that character’s Origin Story.

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