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gold bluffs beach to sunset bay

Welcome back! If you didn't get a chance to catch up on days 1 and 2 of my US cross-country road trip, you can click here: los angeles to gualala point and gualala point to gold bluffs beach.

Let’s pick up where we left off, shall we?!

June 15, 2018

Gold Bluffs Beach to Sunset Bay

Slept in a little (7:15 AM) and noticed the tent fly has some sings of rain drops! Thank God I put the cover on - could explain why Archygirl burrowed so deep into the sleeping bag last night!! About to pack up and hit the road. Next stop: camping in Oregon! Gold Bluffs Beach is amazing, though!!

We made it to our campground at Sunset Bay in Oregon! The drive time was shorter than predicted, which was nice! I stopped at a Safeway in Crescent City, CA to get some groceries and snacks for the road, including water because I am so dehydrated - can’t wait to chug a gallon and pee like a race horse.

Archy and I stopped at the Oregon state line today and made sure to get our picture taken, too. I missed it at the first pass because cars were blocking it, so I made a couple u-turns so we could document it!

Oh! Also, you don’t pump your own gas in Oregon! at least during the day at the gas station at which we stopped! I got so excited because it reminded me of home in New Jersey!

I got the tent all setup once we got to our campsite, and then Archy and I went on a nice walk to see Sunset Bay and get some photos! We met a puppy on the way back who wanted to play a little. It was very cute.

Once we got back to the campsite, I fed Archy and gave her water and made myself a peanut butter and banana sandwich and sat down to journal!

Oregon is really beautiful. Taking the PCH has been awesome, seeing the coast with the trees, the ocean, and the incredible rock formations. There’s a cool amphitheater on the trail here, too! I don’t know if they’re screening anything tonight, but I bet it’s a really great experience. I think that’s enough journaling for right now. This road trip is challenging and tiring but totally worth it. I’m going to knit for a little bit and take a nap if necessary.

Laid down for awhile to relax and saw a cloud that looked like a cartoon Hercules strangling Hades’ minions and actually laughed really loudly (the Disney version obvs). It felt really silly and really nice, and I totally sang some of the soundtrack because duh, that is who I am and why would you not? WHO PUTS THE GLAD IN GLADIATOR?!

I didn’t really sleep or nap, but it was nice to gaze at the clouds. I also snacked on some sour cream and onion Goldfish, which was such a good call. But thank god Archy and I are staying in a hotel in Portland tomorrow. It will be nice to have a bed and a fitness center.

I also finished knitting this gray scarf and am going to see how I can either loop it shut or continue it once I get more light tomorrow. Just planning on resting and relaxing the rest of the night. Driving the long distances is A LOT to do by yourself!

Rereading this now, this was really the part of the trip where the driving started to get to me in terms of how exhausting it was! Days one and two were like 8+ hour days of driving each, which is why I was so excited this drive was shorter than predicted and why by the end of the post I was yearning for some hotel comforts. This campsite didn't really have a lot of people interacting besides the puppy that wanted to play with Archy (and his family, which would technically be the people), so it was a nice opportunity to just relax and get some good sleep! Also, there was a woman who took a photo of Archy and me together in front of the bay, sitting on a wooden fence. She was nice, but I don't think she totally grasped the photo directions I was trying to give her. Also my hair was an absolute mess from the traveling and sleeping on the ground and Archy wasn't looking at the camera, so hello snapshot into my future if I ever have kids one day. Lolz. The photo did still turn out okay though! It's the memory that's important above anything else. Also, as you can see by that wide photo of the beach, there were not a lot of people. Shout-out to the man with the metal detector; I begged my dad to get me a metal detector as a kid, so he did, and we would go to the beach in NJ and use our metal detectors and try to find cool things. We also would walk our dog around Ocean City when I was a kid and pick up loose change we'd find for "The Johny Fund," which was a big jug of coins we saved up for me to have when I was going to college, I think? I don't remember what it was for besides saving and a fun thing to do with my dad, but it did teach me a lot about being observant and looking for things other people missed. Self-operated car washes were a BIG HIT for The Johny Fund. People would just throw pennies, nickels, and dimes onto the street as if they had no real value. Jokes on them, suckers. My dad and I would use our powers of observations to turn profits (small profits, mind you, but profits nonetheless!).

Click here to read on for day 4: sunset bay to portland!

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