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Maxim Cover Girl Quarter-Finals!

Happy Monday! How was your holiday weekend?! Did you watch Hamilton? If you didn’t get a chance to read Friday’s post (I took a nice weekend off!) - “HAPPY HAMILTON DAY!!”- you can click here to catch up!

In case you haven’t heard, I finished in first place of my preliminary group and made it to the Quarter-Finals of the Next #MaximCoverGirl competition!!!!... so I just wanted to express a deeply felt thank you to you for your support and your votes. Getting this far has already surpassed my expectations, so thank you so much for making that dream a reality!

Voting resumes today at 3 PM Eastern time, 12 Noon on the West coast (and 2 PM Central time!). This is the quarter-finals round, so here’s the official blurb from the contest rules—

Quarter-Finals (Starts July 6th and Ends July 16th) – Preliminary group winners and Wildcard winners will be divided evenly into quarter-final groups. Voting will be reset and public voting will determine one (1) winner from each quarter-finals group that will advance into the semi-finals.

As you can see, this has been a long process and will continue to be a fun challenge. I’d be truly thankful for your continued support as I attempt to get one step closer to the Maxim cover and prize money. Click here or on the photo at the top of the page to cast your free daily vote! If you didn’t get a chance to read why this contest is important to me and what I plan to do with the prize money, you can click here to read the post I wrote when this contest first started. The long and short of it is this: If I were to win that money, I would use the $25k to start a foundation that helps empower and encourage young girls to embrace their authentic selves, allowing them to be comfortable in their own skin with every magical thing that makes them unique. If a girl wants to be an athlete, amazing. If she wants to be a scientist, awesome. If she wants to play video games, great! If she wants to be a cop or firefighter or nurse or influencer or yoga instructor or fitness model or QVC host or neurosurgeon or a Bard High Elf with impressive Charisma stats, incredible! Whatever girls want to do in their lives, I want to help them know that they don't have to align themselves with the expectations of what the world (or the society in which they live) thinks they should do. And I want them to know that they can be however many things they want to be without putting themselves in a box. So, please, I'd love it if you'd vote for me for Maxim CoverGirl by clicking here or on the photo at the top of this page so I can show younger girls what I wanted to see when I was their age - not just a model but a role model, too.

I am so incredibly grateful for you. Thank you.



P.S. - If you want to catch up from the beginning on this series of travel adventures, here's a cheat sheet to the posts (in order in which they were published):

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