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a funny thing happened on the way to the guest room

I've written various pieces on this blog over the years, but I can't say I've ever been super quick to share poetry I've pieced together. Well, that's about to change, dear reader, because wouldn't you know I stumbled upon an old journal of mine? Enjoy these rhyming words, cuties. Mwah!

One Wish If I had a wish of who I could be, She'd be no different than weird little me. She wouldn't be smaller, she'd still have blue eyes, she'd still get excited, by each and every surprise. But on second thought, since the idea just grew, she'd be louder and prouder, and even more true. She'd never hold back her laughter from fear of being too loud, she'd let herself stand out brightly, not blend in with the crowd. She'd encourage others to do it, too, to embrace who they are, and get back to the softness under each battle scar. Every person is good​with potential to be content with themselves happy, loving, and free. Every human is flawed, - the great beauty of it all, so embrace those strange quirks, stand strong, proud, and tall.


Wildflower, you're free and you flow,

but setting down roots will sure help you grow.

You've come so far and sorted through weeds,

all the long while, planting your own seeds.

Good things take time, and healing is good,

you gave yourself love like you knew that you could.

Your past is the past now, your future looks great,

all you desire is now yours to take.

Life's like the sky, it's tried and it's true,

best when it's calm - shades of purples and blues.

Life's about balance - the sun and the moon,

snowmen in Winter, sandcastles in June.

So, yes, Wildflower, you're young and you're free,

but don't hold yourself back from all that can be.

You're sweet, Wildflower, you're gentle and kind,

open your heart, and see what you find.

You've traveled so much, now shake off the dust,

you have all you need now, so let your heart trust."


Follow your heart, be child-like and free--

Not child-ish, full of bitter jealousy.

Be curious and trusting, fearless and kind;

Being need and greedy will put you behind.

Being malicious and suspicious only brings stress,

Spiraling into a ferocious hot mess.

But brilliance and resilience will keep you engaged,

a kind-hearted person, absent of rage.

So be like a kid, child-like and not -ish,

fill your heart with some dreams and a wish.

And if someone tries to hurt you, gets aggressively loud,

It's okay to say bye - new adventures abound.


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