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Garage Band musical improv at the Coconut Club

My musical comedy improv team performed a set at the Coconut Club last night in Los Angeles. We make up all our songs on the spot. In the moment. Nothing prepared. Our one word suggestion was "philanthropist," and although the camera's a little blurry at times, our set absolutely killed. We wanted to share with the world just how far we've come as a group and how much we truly enjoy what we do as a team (and as friends). I'm so fortunate to have these amazingly talented, funny, supportive people in my life. And I can't wait for our next show this Monday, which is also a fundraiser for The Trevor Project - talk about "philanthropist(s)!!" We do an opening group number, followed by a few scenes into songs!

The video is about 20 minutes long, but it's worth watching, especially since you'll be rewarded and get to see my little body wiggle while I beat box my heart out. Happy Thursday, y'all! Please check us out by clicking the big ol' video below!!!:::

Garage Band is a musical improv troupe bringing you sick beats, stellar harmonies, and melodic masterpieces. Members: Zora Bikangaga, Dayna Bowers, Stephanie Griffith, Christopher J. Hanke, Jeff L-E, Jiavani Linayao, Marina Mastros, and Johny Walsh. Accompanied by Sam Johnides on the keys!

For info. on everything we're doing/upcoming events, check out our Facebook page:

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