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hey there, book besties! 

You probably found your way here because you (like me) love to read.... and when I say love, I mean love. I read a lot. And you know what? I'm a proud bookworm turned book dragon.
Very few things in life beat the feeling of cozying up with a cup of tea and a new book, getting lost in a world far, far away or uncovering the clues of an exciting whodunnit. Known for posting my hot book takes on both Instagram and TikTok, I decided to make it easy for you to find some recommendations. Below is an ever-growing list of books I've read with short snippets as to why I'd recommend them! They're not in any particular order because my tastes are eclectic and random. Sorry not sorry. Read one, read some, or read 'em all! (I have... there's no judgment here - just a love of books). And if you do, drop me a line! I'm always happy to discuss fave reads with my book besties! 

P.S. - clickable links included in case you see a book you need*

*As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. #commissionsearned

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