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Welcome to the Voiceover section of my site! I first explored the wonderful world of Voiceover (VO) in my small one bedroom apartment in Rathmines, Dublin, Ireland. I created a one woman performance piece as part of my Masters Degree that included a VO component, and it elevated the performance an entirely new level. Needless to say, I was hooked.
The pandemic ignited a lot of change in many people's lives, and as a performer and entertainer, one of those shifts involved delving deeper into the world of VO.  Below are a few of the clients I've had the pleasure of working with over the last couple years, as well as a few samples - all recorded in my in-home, sound-proofed Voiceover studio!

Have a Voiceover job you need recorded? Reach out to me via the contact page or by clicking here.  Let's work something out and work together!

Second Harvest Food Bank of Middle Tennessee Logo.

Although my Acting page includes my full acting resumé, some of my wonderful VO clients include --

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a few samples (more to come!):

Audiobooks I've Narrated-

audiobook thumbnails are clickable!

The Catastrophe Test by NJ Barker
(British accent)

Cover shot of the book 'The Catastrophe Test' by NJ Barker

The Finding Us Trilogy by Lauren Ann
(British accent)

image of audiobook cover finding me by Lauren Ann; handsome man at beach
photo of audiobook cover finding you by Lauren Ann; handsome man staring into camera
photo of audiobook cover finding us by Lauren Ann; handsome man with arms crossed

Taken by the Kingpin by Winter Sloane

Locked Down
by Jeanne Selander Miller

photo of audiobook cover Taken by the Kingpin by Winter Sloane; women's lingerie man's torso
Cover shot of the book 'Locked Down' by Jeanne Selander Miller
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