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kalaloch to seattle to spokane

Whoa. Day 6 already? If you’re not caught up yet, days 1-5 are up, starting in LA with day 5 ending up in Kalaloch.

So leaving Kalaloch was definitely hard because ugh it was soooo beautiful! So far at this point of the trip, Gold Bluffs Beach and Kalaloch are just like the most beautiful places on the west coast where I got to visit and enjoy some camping. We’ll see if that changes!

June 18, 2018

Kalaloch to Seattle to Spokane

Archy and I just got to Spokane, Washington, and it’s raining! RAINING. Luckily I got the tent setup before it started to really pick up! Archy ate a bit, and I made a peanut butter sandwich and ate the last banana before it went totally bad; it was 3/4 edible, and I consider myself a brave woman.

Today has been great. A ton of driving and a ton of natural beauty and amazing scenery. It was nice to have that following last night’s West Coast sunset. Made leaving the coast a bit easier!

We started the day early in Kalaloch and left by 6:45 AM. We hit a little bit of traffic but still made it to Seattle in just a little under four hours. We found a great parking spot about a mile uphill from Pike Place Market that allowed us to stretch our legs and to also see the Starbucks Reserve, which is like Starbucks’ version of a brewery with tasting flights and everything. I hadn’t seen one before, so that was pretty exciting.

Archy and I walked the mile downhill to Pike Place Market, and I got my free reward coffee (and a couple photos) at the very first flagship Starbucks! Madonna’s “Borderline” was playing inside while I waited to pick up my order, so I sang along and serenaded Archy because I love that song so much. I literally ticked off all the basic white girl boxes in one go. Basic bitches unite! Coffee in hand, we made the trek back to the car before our meter expired with “Borderline” stuck in my head the entire way.

We hit near standstill traffic on the highway once we got out of Seattle, but the scenery was so nice it didn’t really matter. I also started and finished the Cissy Spacek-narrated audiobook for “To Kill a Mockingbird,” which helped liven up some of the duller parts of the drive. It’s crazy to me that I was never assigned it as a mandatory read. The themes still hold up, and Atticus Finch is a boss.

I e-mailed the department chair for the program at Trinity to schedule a Skype interview. Hopefully we can figure something out while I’m on this road trip or for when I land back on the East Coast. We’ll see what happens.

Archy’s asleep on my lap while I write, and it’s so sweet. She’s been so awesome on this adventure. I know she gets stressed, too, with all this movement, so I’m very happy we get to snuggle so close each night!

I’m probably going to try and get to bed somewhat early so I can get a head start on tomorrow. Just going to knit and relax and go to sleep to the sound of rain falling outside my tent. My scarf is getting nice and long!

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