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make your own decision

The opinion above is a direct quote from a friend of mine from college upon finding out what I was doing after graduation. Our friendship didn’t end on bad terms or anything along those lines; in fact, I’m sure we’d still have fun reminiscing and catching up on things if the situation were to present itself. I don’t know what he is up to in his life anymore, though, because one way or another, the people who weigh you down will be removed from your life.

Any of my friends in the entertainment world have had a similar experience to the one above, and yet, my friends are still here in LA and still trying to make it. Additionally, each of those friends does not regret having the hard conversation with her parents regarding a hardworking future with a lot of uncertainty. But make no mistake, people in the corporate world have just as much uncertainty in their futures as those in the entertainment industry because this thing we call life has no set plan. People get passed up for promotions, the stock market crashes, and businesses go under. If you’re being called to a specific career or path in life, then what are you waiting for? You can come up with a million and one excuses, but failure is everywhere. It’s better to fail and move forward going after the thing that fills you up than it is to fail at something that pays your bills but leaves you empty. Don’t worry about what other people might think of you or your decision to pursue this "crazy" dream of yours - that’s your ego talking. Listen to yourself - that’s your soul.

I remember telling my parents about my future plans. It was over winter break of my senior year of college before our family Christmas dinner. I remember one of my parents being totally on board, while the other parent wasn’t quite as sold on the idea. To be fair, I’d taken off to boarding school at 14, so that parent really just wanted me home for any extended period of time.

I can recall clearly stating all the reasons I wanted to move, why I decided on LA over New York, and why I knew I could do it. Retrospectively, I approached the conversation very much as a business presentation, which I think might have helped. But, in all honesty, I’ve always been a driven person with just the right amount of stubbornness, so I think my parents knew there was going to be no changing my mind. Seeing that determination, they hopped on board and are still my biggest cheerleaders to this day.

Not every parent is going to be like my parents. I’m lucky I have such an incredible support system, but I also realize that their belief and support of me in the pursuit of my entertainment goals is more often the exception for many instead of the rule.

That’s why my friend’s opinion stung at first. It caught me off guard to have someone refer to my dream as dumb. Looking back on it, that might have been my first entertainment industry rejection, but it was most definitely not the first rejection I'd experienced in my life. It’s amazing how easily I shook it off once I realized that my journey was not for him and his was not for me. In fact, I felt bad for him that he would look at anyone’s intended career path in such an ignorant way. I didn’t view his 9-5 accountant lifestyle in a way that I would label as “dumb,” but I would never have considered that profession the most beneficial use of my talents or time, and subsequently, my life.

It's the same thing for you. If you're thinking about making a life-changing decision, the first step is the realization that this life is yours for the taking. Once you accept the fact that your life belongs to you (and not anyone else), why not start living with that intention? If you’re considering moving to a new place to pursue a new career or opportunity, what’s holding you back? You only have one life, so make the most of it and listen to your inner-voice. That's your soul speaking to you. Don't ignore it; it’s there for a reason. It's not anyone else's inner-voice, so don't let anyone else dictate your individual path to happiness.

And if you’ve recently decided to change your life or if you've recently moved to a new place, congratulations! You’re one step closer to achieving the "more" you’re seeking! And if that new place happens to be LA, don’t hesitate to subscribe below or reach out on the “contact” page up top. I've been in your shoes, and I'm here for you!

Moving to a new city where you don’t know anyone can be scary. I’ve done it. And I can’t wait to tell you about the physical journey that led me to LA in my next post!

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