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You’ve weighed all the pros and cons, realized the negatives are just ego-based, and decided to move somewhere new and exciting? Awesome! Now comes the hard part! Oh, you thought making the decision was tough? Buckle up. This journey is a bumpy one, but it’s the bumpy rides that are the most exciting… and the most memorable.

In my last post, I discussed my decision to move to LA to act (and write and sing and improvise and be a jack-of-all-trades). It was faced with some opposition, but looking back from where I stand now, that decision was actually pretty easy once I stripped away the ego-based thoughts and focused on what my soul was saying.

open road ahead in Arizona with my Dad

My original plan to move cross-country originally involved another person. She, for legitimate reasons, was unable to move at the time I’d wanted, so instead of delaying a few more months, I packed up and headed out on my own. When you decide to go after what you want, a few months ends up sounding like a lifetime. I couldn’t wait that long, so with no roommate, no place to live, no job, and no friends in my foreseeable future, I packed up my Toyota Corolla and drove with my Dad across the United States. It sounds scary, but when framed in the mindset of “following your dream,” the fear knocks away and reveals pure excitement.

I’ve written before about not being able to receive more if you settle for less. Looking back now, that car ride is - to this day - one of the greatest things that has ever happened for my dad and me. We have so many nice memories, deep conversations on which to reflect, and funny inside jokes from that trip, which has given so much more to our relationship. If I hadn’t committed to the decision to move to LA when I’d wanted and had waited a couple more months to move out with a roommate, I would’ve missed the amazing opportunity to hear and know my dad’s story and relate to him not just as my father but as a human being and friend.

When you take the first step and decide to do something, you ask for more. When you take the next step and commit to the ‘doing’ of your decision, you start to receive more. I said before that I packed up my car and drove out to LA with no job, no friends, no roommate, and no place to live. That all changed very quickly once I was open to receive it.

While driving to LA, I met my original roommate on It was a thing a few years ago. I don’t know if it still exists, but I’m grateful for it because it got me my first roommate (friends of mine have similar 'first roommate' experiences and stories using Craigslist). She and I only lived together for a brief time, but I’m grateful for her, too, because she found the apartment in which I currently reside.

And that original person with whom I was supposed to move? My first roommate (who found our apartment) moved out at just the time my current roommate moved and needed a place, so she and I ended up living together after all! Funny how things worked out for the both of us when we each made our separate decisions of wanting - and asking - for more.

So you’ve made it to LA and have found a place to live. Now you have to pay for that place to live. So what do you do? I have a lot of experience with and opinions on this one, so you’ll just have to wait for my next post! If you have any pressing questions, though, feel free to subscribe below or reach out to me on the “contact” page. I’m here for you!

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