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a very funny-filled week

WOAHHHH!! HALLOWEEN IS GETTING CLOSER!!! In my last post on Wednesday, I wrote a post about "#metoo," which focused on healing and knowing who you are in order to heal others, which came after a post on Monday called "face your fears" about my experience at Universal's Halloween Horror Nights. It's been a crazy week filled with work, comedy, and friends! From Young Storytellers to Garage Band practice, 2 Camp Hickory shows, and Carl winning the iO West Cagematch last night, it's been busy in Los Angeles!! There will be plenty to write about in the upcoming weeks, including so many fun new opportunities, shows, and classes! I'm just so happy and honored I get to share it with all of you! Life is all about growing and learning, and everything you have to succeed is within you as long as you starve your ego and feed your soul to harness that inner strength. Have fun this weekend! Get outside, see your friends, sing at the top of your lungs, celebrate this spooky time of year!! (and don't forget to subscribe!!)

Oh! And follow along on Instagram @JohnyTheGirl for extra video snippets and musings!!!

Also, the 1607 MUSICAL IMPROV SHOW is tonight at 6:30 PM at THE CLUBHOUSE; THE CAMP HICKORY PLAYERS are cohosting a show TONIGHT at THE OPEN SPACE at 8 PM!! (and Andrew, Jonathan, and I (team Carl) are doing the iO West Cagematch again next Thursday night at 11:30 PM as part of the Finals since we won the past two weeks), so stay tuned for info. regarding more upcoming shows for Garage Band, Camp Hickory, and Carl!!

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