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gualala point to gold bluffs beach

Now that you’ve hopefully gotten a chance to read about day one of my trip - los angeles to gualala point - strap in for some more insights into day two! Warning: there seem to be A LOT of exclamation points in this entry, which remembering the experience of seeing the things about which I’m writing really checks out. It was breathtaking and beautiful and exciting. Also, journaling is more free form, so sometimes it doesn’t account for time! So if things don't like.. make sense.. it's probably because I'd take breaks between journaling! I mean, you're smart enough to even read these words, so you'll get it. I believe in you.

June 14th, 2018

Gualala Point to Gold Bluffs Beach in Redwood National Forest State Park

This place is AMAZING! Like I hope I get engaged here one day if possible.* The drive took a little longer than anticipated, but I only arrived an hour later than I’d planned.

Driving along the Pacific Coast Highway through so many sleepy little NorCal beach towns was amazing. What a peaceful lifestyle.

And entering into the Redwood State Park?! The coastal views and the incredible tall trees! Everything is so green and alive! And the road I turned onto initially before the winding tree-lined road to my beach campsite had a huge field of Wild Elk!! It was incredible!!

I got to the check-in site and was warned about bears and keeping food in the bear box, which is a scary thought, but I also giggled at Bear Box - a simple, yet silly name. Come git yer bear box!

I got the tent setup for the night, walked and fed Archy, and took her for a walk on the beach with my camera in hand. The photos won’t do the views justice, but my goodness are they breathtaking: the Pacific Ocean and the mountains and the trees. I am so happy I was able to get a campsite here tonight!

Also I totally got the last hashbrown at the McDonald’s in Fort Bragg today, which was such a cute little town. Also, Archy survived her first night of camping, so fingers crossed for round two tonight! I’m planning on taking some more photos at sunset- this place is so beautiful.

The sunset was amazing, but Archy and I were so cold, she immediately crawled onto me in the sleeping bag and hasn’t moved since!

Although the sun has set, I can still hear birds chirping in the everwoods. Oops, redwoods. This isn’t an old TV show. I wonder what Treat Williams is up to anyway. Didn’t my parents say they saw him at a rest stop in NJ? Huh. Oh well. There’s faint light left, but it’s getting more difficult to see to write. Archy just heard a dog bark and now she’s barking. Oy vey. I hope we both can just sleep through the night!!

Oh, I forgot!! I met a girl and her sister, Bella, who were from the Seattle area who loved Archy! I also briefly chatted with a girl with a Philadelphia Union sweatshirt I saw on the beach who was watching the sunset with her dog, too.

I love Gold Bluff’s Beach!!!

So, do you think I loved Gold Bluffs Beach? I can't tell. Also, good to know I apparently hope I get engaged there one day. Yikes! Where did that even come from? I mean, don't get me wrong, I 100% believe in marriage and family, but like.. I am now and was totally single 6 months ago lolz. I guess a girl can dream, though. I blame this one on lots of emotions in the face of change.. and hormones. Definitely hormones, y'all.

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