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time flies when in a bubble

Happy Friday, everyone! It's been awhile, huh? How are you feeling? Are you taking time to check-in with yourself and give yourself the care, love, and attention you need? If not, it’s perfectly okay to set aside time for yourself to do whatever you want/need to do during ‘me time.’ Maybe your thing is yoga, meditation, running, reading, tending to a pallet garden you built, sewing some pillowcases for your home decor, making a dress to match your homemade mask, paddle boarding, bringing old furniture back to life, woodworking, tooling around with some new tools, or even playing animal crossing with family and friends, but whatever you want to do during your assigned ‘me time,’ make sure you’re doing it and giving yourself a break.

It’s been a long time since I’ve written a new blog post, and I’m sorry for that! My last post was dated September 4th, 2020, and here we are in January of 2021! There was a very good reason for my blog’s hiatus, however, and that reason is that I was put into a film bubble outside of Philadelphia to finish filming the HBO show, “Mare of Easttown,” which I was working on before everything went bonkers in March of 2020. I just wanted to give you all a quick update on where I’ve been and why there hasn’t been a new blog post in so long! I promise that there will be new, fresh content coming up in the next few weeks once I am back and settled into our home in Los Angeles (following a cross-country road trip with my love and our dogs!). Until then, hold tight! We’ve got more European adventures to revisit, more delicious goodies to make, and more crafts to get our hands to work!

What is it that you want to see more of from my blog in 2021? Last year gave me the chance to share so many of my European adventures with you from my time living in Ireland and traveling all over, to get your taste buds ticklin' with some delicious baked treats, to inspire creativity with some fun new crafts and refurbs, and to encourage you to chase your goals on your own terms with a 2020 Maxim Cover Girl Semi-Finals Finish! Please let me know the type of content you want to see more of, and I will try my best to make it happen! Subscribe in the e-mail submission box below and reach out, follow me on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, and reach out to me on the “contact” page. I’m so happy you're here and that I’ve been receiving a lot of really incredible stories, questions, and feedback from a community all over the globe! I couldn’t do this without you! So THANK YOU! From the bottom of my heart, truly, thank you.




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