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marion to wisconsin to chicago

Man, day 11 already? Who knew that last post would cause me to stake my claim and choose a side in the heated opinions on $400 cowboy boots? That being said, if you want to spend $400 on wild cowboy boots, please don't let me stop you. They're not my thing, but I absolutely love people doing their thing. If they're your thing, woo! those boots were made for walkin' so let 'em out baby!

Anyway, seeing the Corn Palace and visiting Wall Drug were true highlights in the weirdest way. If you didn't get a chance to read the post on mount rushmore to marion, click the link and give it a couple minutes! 'Cause we're about to delve into day 11!

June 23, 2018

Marion, MN to Wisconsin to Chicago

I wasn't planning on getting up this early, but there were kids awake at 5:30. So now it's 6:30 AM and everything's packed. I had trouble sleeping last night, and my back hurts. Is this the prelude to turning 29? Back pain? I'm just going to breathe my way through it and think of jacuzzi life upon my east coast arrival. It's Marissa's 28th birthday today, and I left her a voicemail this morning to wish her a happy one. Can't wait to hear from her and wish her more happy birthday messages!

Therese won't be home until three o'clock-ish, so I'm hoping to drive slowly and make some stops along the way. I'm super excited to see her! Archy has peed and pooped, so we're off! Funny how much a tiny little furball can't dictate so much of this trip's schedule. Also, a woman in the campsite next to me told me she liked my tent! I thanked her, told her where I got it, and added that I like that it's nice and cozy.

Archy and I made it to Wisconsin, which is funny because I didn't realize it was a state that would be part of this trip! For all my planning ahead, this was such a nice surprise I guess I just totally missed! We left Minnesota by crossing the Mississippi River, which was VERY exciting! We missed the Wisconsin sign on the first pass, so I turned around, and we experienced crossing the Mississippi River all over again! We pulled into the rest area, and we got an us-ie with the Wisconsin welcome sign! We drove a few miles to gas up and then drove another hour and a half to the rest area we're currently outside of so Archy and I could both stretch our legs and so she could go potty. I talked with my parents on the phone so they would know I'm alive, and my dad reminisced about Chicago a bit.

We made it to Chicago just after 3 PM! Therese's place is so cute! She's been renovating it, and I love the colors she's chosen for the walls! Wicker Park is such a great area, too! We walked around for a little while and ended up getting food at a place called Small Chaval. We caught up over cheeseburgers and PBR, and it was awesome. After dinner we got back to her place and just sat around for awhile and talked. We also took Archy for a couple walks, and I think Archy's just happy to have a bed. It is nice. It's also nice to have showered and feel clean and to know we have a bed to stay in tomorrow night, too!

It's hard to believe this trip is almost over already! What a whirlwind! Archy is already asleep, and I'm fading pretty quickly, too. Oh, I also stopped at a Sally Beauty in Wisconsin and bought myself some new nail polish, and I am very excited about the colors I got! I think I might paint my nails tomorrow!

Man, riveting stuff, huh? I cannot express how exciting it was to pass over the Mississippi, though. I actually squealed with delight. Also, it was fascinating to see the Midwest where Laura Ingalls Wilder grew up and what was the setting for many of her books. I totally geeked out in more detail about Norman Maclean's Minnesota before, but there was a very quiet appreciation I felt for Laura Ingalls Wilder's backyards. It was more like a silent "wow" than the outright giddy over "A River Runs Through It." As I look back now, though, I feel a giddiness that I got to see all of that. It's pretty cool to see the landscapes of some of the works of authors I love. Also, I am very lucky to have such good, close friendships that have lasted over the years. Getting to stay with Archy in my college roommate's spare bedroom is pretty freaking cool. She's seriously the best; both of my cross-country road trips have included her. When I traveled with my dad to LA 5 years ago we stopped in Chicago to get dinner with her and with two of my dad's friends, and this time around, I stopped in Chicago again to spend time with her. See! She's the best! Also, who knew Sally Beauty was a chain like all over? I didn't! Also, I don't have many pictures from this portion of the trip because I really enjoy just being with people and catching up instead of documenting all of it, especially when it's such a short visit! Stay tuned for days 12 & 13, which will be one post instead of two!!

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