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The Big 150: 15, Life – Where are you currently saying yes when you really should say no?

The Big 150: 15, Life – Where are you currently saying yes in your life when you really should say no?

This is an easy one. I keep saying yes to an afternoon snack. I could probably relax on the afternoon snacking, but I can’t help it that kettle cooked salt & vinegar chips seem to call my name. Like a sour and salty siren song, I cannot resist their lure.

I know that these questions are supposed to have a deeper meaning than my admitted weakness for potato chips (and, very specifically, potato chips.. I’m not a huge junk food person, but man if I can’t absolutely destroy a bag of chips), but I’ve gotten pretty good at saying ‘no’ to things, so the first thing that truly jumped into my mind was those crispy, flavorful little crunch devils in all their temptation and glory.

And, to be perfectly frank (or imperfectly frank... you’re doing great, Frank), I don’t really think I should being saying ‘no.’ I’m not going to should myself into believing I’d be better off without an afternoon salty snack crunch time. Should can be quite a dirty word sometimes, so I try not to use it unless I feel it’s absolutely necessary, and I doubt that anyone would think abandoning potato chips in the afternoon is “should” worthy.

Is there a lesson here? It’s probably that you might want to think about not shoulding all over yourself anymore; take it easy on yourself. You’re doing better than you’re giving yourself credit for. That and salt & vinegar chips are one of the universe’s many beautiful gifts to us, so instead of abandoning afternoon snack time, I shall embrace it and practice savoring each small, crispy, vinegar-y crunch with immense gratitude for the gift that it is – a tango for my tastebuds, a sonnet for my stomach.

To potatoes, potatoes, sliced, diced, and baked, and the beautiful crunching sounds potato chips make,


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