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The Big 150: 20, Life – What do you appreciate most about your life right now? Why?

I think it can be pretty easy to take things for granted. We’re all guilty of it, certainly, which is why I try to keep a healthy perspective on my life.

There are so many things in my little world to appreciate. I’m grateful for having loving, supportive parents who often approach my interests with an enthusiasm unrivaled even by me (my dad literally just offered his thoughts on a number of destinations where I could run my next marathon, and my mom nearly loses her mind every time I show her my newest artistic creation). I love and appreciate my younger siblings and am working on appreciating their Gen Z views of the world (yes, I say ‘actively working on appreciating Gen Z views’ because I am imperfect, and some things take work). I appreciate my older siblings and their diversity of thought and life experience even when I disagree with them or don’t see eye-to-eye. There are learning experiences everywhere, and that’s my focus.

I appreciate the little life my boyfriend and I continue to build together – peaceful mornings with espresso and Archy cuddles and evenings watching every single James Bond movie in chronological order (when we’re not watching sports, and yes, even the Bond movies I can’t believe we actually finished) also with Archy cuddles. To have a roof over our heads, food on our table, and clean, running water are things not to be taken for granted. Many people go without them. And to have all those basic needs fulfilled plus enough to enjoy our own individual hobbies, interests, and pursuits is truly something to be grateful for. I will fight not to lose sight of that.

I think more than anything else, however, I appreciate this place I’ve arrived to mentally (with a lot of effort and slip-ups and setbacks) where giving myself grace is top priority. I was previously very quick to give it to others and not necessarily to myself, and that has changed. Now my enemies can rot while I ride away into the sunset. You guys, I’m just kidding. I don’t have enemies, but if I did… My enemies could go on and live beautiful lives where their dreams come true, as long as they please just do it far away from me. Hear that, non-existent enemies? I truly wish you all of life’s good fortunes.

There’s a lot wrong with the world, and there’s also a lot right with it. The good outweighs the bad, and I try not to lose sight of that.

To continuing the journey with Timothy Dalton* as 007 and to all of my enemies going to their very own version of Heaven,


*Note: We are actually now finally starting the Daniel Craig 007 films, but man, did I LOVE Timothy Dalton.

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